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  1. So… not even the top detective remembers all off them XD

  2. If you are not color coded for convenience, they are going to color code you for convenience

  3. He fought apathy? Wouldn’t that be the easiest fight ever? Really, Magenta isn’t even worth fighting. You might as well just not bother, go and do something better. I don’t care.

  4. Good point, Jerden. I am trying to wonder what could have caused Crusader to have to deal with Magenta. Perhaps Magenta does not really embody apathy; she inflicts it. Maybe she is actually fairly diligent in her plans to produce devices to cripple groups of people with apathy.

  5. So… what’s black and blue and indigo all over?

  6. I’m now kinda picturing Magenta inflicting ‘apathy syndrome’ a la Persona 3 on people.

  7. This could easily have turned into a “Who’s on first?” routine.

  8. I want to see Mark’s face when he learns of the brand new emergency Abby arranged for them. 😛

  9. Ok I’m young and I don’t understand this can someone help me?

  10. @loveundefeated The only real reference I can think to point out for you is the traditional connection of the seven deadly sins from Catholic dogma to the seven colors of the rainbow, “Roy G. Biv.” (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

    The seven deadly sins, traditionally, are Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride and Greed (in no particular order).

    I’m guessing that the “Chromatic Tyrants” have a similar setup, but with emotions. But then as Paul says, disease is not an emotion. So they’re a little confused about their own organization chart?

    Then again, this being a superhero comic, it might be more likely a reference to the multicolored Lantern Corps from DC comics. The Green Lanterns were first, representing “pure willpower” followed by a whole rainbow of other groups related to emotional states. Blue were peace, red’s rage/anger, yellow was fear and I have no clear memory of the rest.

    So the disease comment could be a nod to the fact that willpower isn’t an emotion either. Maybe. 🙂

  11. @Logicmouse
    Blue was hope, Red was rage, Indigo was compassion, Purple was love, Orange was greed, Yellow was fear and Green was Willpower

    Also, for some reason, all of the lanterns needed to use willpower (and with the exception of green, thinking greedy/scared/lovey thoughts) to use their abilities. So it was weird XD

  12. I’m always glad to use my nerdiness for good. 😉

    Thanks, Jasae, I’m glad I’m not alone in finding the lantern corps odd.

  13. Does Magenta’s alias have the initials M.E.H.? 😉

  14. Also, willpower may not be an emotion, but like emotion it is a state of mind. “Disease” may actually be “dis-ease”…nervousness, paranoia, etc.?

  15. I infer that they project ther respective emotions in wich case apathy could do a lot of danage in airports hospitals and fire stations

  16. Also logic mouse blue lanterns were hope not peace

    violet are the star saphires who use love
    indigo are compassion
    blue were hope
    green is will
    Yellow are the sinestro cops and use fear
    orage is Larfleeze and he is avarive (greed)
    Red are Wrath

    the further from green you get the more the emotion controls your actions though some can handle it better than others

    oh and black is death and all memers are reanimated dead

    and white is life but there were only 9 of them now just one

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