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  1. I’m actually curious at how he got a sample of Mark’s DNA… Since Mark is invulnerable, did the Evil Brain steal his toothbrush or something? Do we find out?

  2. Gee, I hope this isn’t how Mark and Abby discover she’s pregnant.

  3. Mark isn’t invulnerable. He’s just very very tough. He does bleed you know.
    Also i doubt that Abby is pregnant. Morning sickness stamp anyone?

  4. Indeed he did bleed early in thier relationship (http://loveandcapes.com/lnc/?p=52). And if the Brain stole it somewhere it means somebody must have had it on file in the first palce.

    This will not how they figure out that abby is pregnant. She could be in a very early stage, but all childs only share half thier DNA with either parent.

    But then again hitting everyone related could be why it is a multiple warhead missile. Or it is just to make sure to get the Crusader?

  5. Weaponella? Why, could she be in cahoots with Hitlerella?

  6. Wish I could do that to my high school enemies. Oh wait, I can.

  7. The problem is not jetting off to where he can dispose of the weapon…but getting out of that auditorium, with people constantly asking “Weren’t you in second period science?” “Didn’t we date?” “Interested in a timeshare?”

    “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.” This instance, let’s hope Batman is wrong.

  8. As for Mark’s DNA…finding cell samples at the site of particularly fierce battles would be a good bet; perhaps the Evil Brain invented one of those tricorder-thingies that can scan for his deoxynucleic acid? It would explain how the missile can track him.

  9. Im sorry…Even as a lover of terribly punny and goofy character names…Weaponella? O.o

  10. There are worse; “Cannons” O’Hara for example (no, there is no such character, and now there will orobably never be one),

  11. (singing) The fuuu-ture’s not ooooours to seee…Che ser-aaa, ser-aaaaaaa…

  12. It’s “Que Sera, Sera”, Frank.

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