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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Good story! I like your art and really enjoy the continuing story lines. Please keep up the great work!

  2. Is this “The End”, or just the end of this little part of the story? I would hate to see Love and Capes end. ūüôĀ

    Just haven’t seen any updates, so started to get a bit worried, that’s all.

    Long time stalker, first time commenter

  3. Oh, there’s much more to come. This was the end of issue #10. There are 8 issues after that, and one of them is double-sized. I just haven’t converted them to web format yet. As you may have seen on my site, I’ve been crazy busy with the traveling. Baltimore‚Ķ Toronto‚Ķ Atlanta‚Ķ

  4. Wait, you actually can’t *fly* to those places and get all the other work done, too? What are you, a mere human? I know there’s much more to follow, but L&C online is like a little sweet bonbon I can enjoy before delving into political sewage (the news). It will be great when you update again!

  5. HELL-low,

    There have been no updates since 8/29 (number 465). When does/will the comic resume?


  6. The strip started updating last week, but I had to remove those strips because they were from the wrong storyline. The new strips started running today.

  7. I may be wrong but the costume she used looked as if you took alot of inspiration from the costume Lois Lane wore when she temporarily gained Supes powers. It and the half box of remaining “super cigars” that did the same thing for Perry White both ended up in Supes little museum/vault in the Fortress that I always thought of as his “The closet of stuff that gave my supporting cast powers”. *chuckles*

  8. The costume is definitely SilverAge inspired, especially with the skirt and tights look. I also wanted a contrast between her and Amazonia and other styled costumes.

  9. If the whole league agreed, then Amazonia agreed too! I’m starting to kinda not dislike Amazonia…..

  10. A reference to “Wearing the Cape”?
    I have that on Kindle.

  11. I’ve always wondered this but… How do those masks white out their eyes?

  12. This is my favorite story arc, beginning to end. Just really touching

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