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  1. Ooo, Paul shouldn’t’a said that…just how rich is he, and how rich will he be before the kid is born?

  2. Oops. Should have written “before the kid is an adult.” Sorry ’bout that.

  3. Not only is Paul the World’s Greatest Detective, he’s also mastered the Jedi mind trick.

  4. Indeed, Celidah. One of the most amazing things about really effective suggestion is when it works even when the target knows exactly what you are trying to do. 🙂

  5. My point was, this could backfire on “doting cool Uncle Paul.” He could be an easy mark (no pun intended) if the kid develops superintelligence (as a superpower or the “normal” form).

  6. I wouldn’t want to be flying behind those guys tonight.

  7. Oh no, does Paul have Darkblade credit card?

  8. @walker well banman has one so probably

  9. Batman* not banman… banman sounds like a masked vigilante admin

  10. If you’re going to mention strange cravings then have them say something really out there, like say she’s craving a German chocolate cake with icing made from Gouda cheese and sweet chili sauce, not something you would probably want to eat. Well usually anyway.

  11. Mark should keep Abby from watching “Frankenfood”…


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