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  1. Poor Mark has so much to learn. Not all the compromises in marriage are fair, or even rational.

  2. And many of them aren’t actually compromises.

  3. I wants me some Amazoni-Ohs! I wonder what kind of prize comes in that box.

    I do NOT wants me some Colon Blow!

    Didn’t Calvin eat ‘Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs with Marshmellows’?

  4. Why can’t they get both? Seriouosly, if they’ve been buying cereal separately before moving in together, then an extra box of cereal isn’t going to break the bank, and in any case they’d be getting through the box twice as fast.

  5. @ Supermorff
    Laws of Marriage 27 B
    “Thou shalt not leave temptation in the path of thy wife.”

  6. The only way this page could have been better would be if that were Calvin on the box. Way to slip in a reference.

  7. Mark’s being an idiot.
    He can put whatever food he wants up in orbit at the station and grab it casually anytime he wants in a second. Ignore the wifely guilt.

  8. I honestly don’t see the problem.
    Just because it’s at their home, Abby doesn’t have to eat it. *shrugs*

  9. …No, she doesn’t. That doesn’t mean it won’t pose a problem in the middle of a marital relationship, however. Dude, keep up with the rest of the class (and don’t ignore the wife, either. That won’t lead anywhere good).

  10. Am I the only one who noticed – and snorted at – the Colon Blow cereal?

  11. I am laughing my ass off at Colon Blow, an excellent SNL reference.

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