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  1. … Oh dear.

    He hasn’t told her yet, has he?

  2. Gyah!

    Alternate universe twin! Alternate universe twin!

  3. I’m confused, what does Abby have to feel guilty about? What’s with the Alternate Universe comment? Is Ted another hero in his civilian identity? Sorry I’m just not understanding the references.

  4. Nah, just some random villain. His wife thinks he’s a day trader.

  5. I doubt that a villain would have calls about emergencies

  6. Looks like Charlotte in the background in panel 2.

  7. So, Abby’s ex-boyfriend married a woman who looks just like her. Too bad Mark isn’t around to meet the ex.

  8. @Andorxor You call them emergencies, I call them an excuse to get out of the house and rob that bank.

    Also, I just noticed Tom has the chin Mark used to have, if slightly less squared off.

  9. Vergie: Compare the silver age Jean Loring, Carol Ferris and Lois Lane. Superpersons (I think that’s Windstar) have predictable types!!

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