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  1. That’s awesome!

    I am the TippyToe Zombie
    I like to Limbo
    Often I fall on people’s heads

  2. I bet that’d get a slap if she didn’t know he couldn’t feel it.

  3. With a lot of women, it’d get a slap anyways.

  4. DUH, most people don’t drink wine (or other spirits) to get drunk, but because they enjoy their taste!

  5. That last line sounds too much like “I want to get you drunk and take advantage of you”. Abby doesn’t look all that impressed.

  6. You may be reading too heavily into it, Deof.
    Most women need to relax to get into the mood for lovin’, especially Type-A sorts who tend to worry and stress about too many things at once. A couple glasses of wine do a nice job of muffling that nattering voice in the back of their heads that constantly over-analyses things, and lets people mellow out and relax.

    Major decision impairment comes several glasses farther in.

    Then again, if there WAS a person you felt safe enough with to let all your defenses down and get REALLY drunk with, should not your husband who loves you be at the top of that list?
    “Taking advantage of a drunk person” usually refers to having sex with someone who you probably wouldn’t choose to if you were sober, but if said person is your spouse (newlywed at that) seems like that would be a non-issue.
    (You know, aside from the fact that drunk people are terrible in bed and tend to fall asleep halfway through.)

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