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  1. Note: I’m getting a full-page redirect from your front page to some ‘mypageresults.com’ site, calling itself ‘collectiveofheros.net’.

  2. Ditto to DStaal.

  3. Same thing happened on “Grrl Power” and “Our Supermom”. I’m a little suprised it didn’t happen to me again at this site. I sent the web master of COH an email; their ad on those pages must be borken.

  4. I got the same redirect. I had to get creative to get around it! 🙂

  5. Yes, Charlotte. Yes, you do. And it would be wise to talk fast.

  6. Sometimes you can’t get rid of a bomb, other days you can’t get past Zoe’s insecurities and newfound jealousies. One hopes our world will teach her patience and the little-used superpower known as listening before jumping to further conclusions. It’s no wonder, it seems, that her home culture is martial.

    I’m back on the “voice casting for the possibilities of an LNC animated series” kick/game that I still think you guys would enjoy (I won’t name names…but a “certain person” I emailed a while back sometimes hears the voice of Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey as Mark). For Doctor Karma: Colin Baker. I was almost going to add Peter Hooten (older fans will tell you who HE played), but as I’ve said before, I’m not CRUEL…For Abby and Mark’s moms: Jane Curtin and Jan Hooks. For Zoe’s mom (if Eliza Dushku were cast as Zoe): Demi Moore. For Paul’s as-yet unmet (or has she?) mom: CCH Pounder or Pam Grier (both of whom having portrayed DC Comics’ premier BBW, Amanda Waller, who is now positively anorexic thanks to the New 52).

  7. This made me laugh. …So Charlotte’s not just stickin’ it to ‘er.

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