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  1. Aww, come on Crusader he was just being nice. Or, you know, planning to kidnap your wife. Or both.

  2. He should think about adding gloves to his costume.

  3. Or at least remember to take the ring off when in superhero mode.

  4. Well, hopefully he punched him so hard that he’ll lose the last 90 seconds of memory…

  5. I hope the ring is made of something like the gold-titanium alloy that Iron Man used in the movie, or else it won’t hold up to delivering super punches. Maybe Mark used the costume fabricator on the League’s satellite to make it.

  6. Yepp, wearing a wedding ring from his secret identity (no super wedding, after all!) when super hero-ing is NOT a good idea.

  7. From where I’m sitting, getting punched for asking about it is not a good idea.

  8. …I mean, “doesn’t look like a good idea”. From where I’m sitting, I’d rather not get punched by the Crusader in any case.

  9. Considering the force behind Mark’s super-punches, I’d vote for taking off the fragile gold ring for superheroing. How he hasn’t snapped, crushed, or melted it already is surprising.

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