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  1. Well, maybe after this stint of babysitting, the entire apartment will get a security makeover/
    it is amazing just how easy babies and toddlers will get into everything.

  2. Careful, Mark. Don’t underestimate the powers of babies and toddlers to get into absolutely EVERYTHING.

  3. At least rethink the “self-destruct security mode.”

  4. I think her issue is the self-destruct.

  5. He obviously doesn’t know the uncanny ability small children have in regards to anything secure.

  6. I have to agree. Mark may have to build a Fortress of Solitude and keep the kid out of it until he or she turns 18. At the earliest.

  7. Hmmm… that brings up an interesting question: what will they tell their child and when. I can see Mark really not wanting to keep this a secret from his own son or daughter, but little children aren’t good with secrets. Sure, odds are most people would assume a three year old claiming her father is the Crusader is just making things up, but if she kept insisting, people might start noticing Mark’s tells.

  8. Looking back I wonder if this is a reference to when Sandman and Hydroman ended up partners, only to end up merged into a muck monster because their powers weren’t safely compatible.

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