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  1. Nicely side-stepped.


  2. “Speaking from experience” –which she’s adding to now.

    When TZ gets back to working on this series, this should be his first priority: GET CHARLOTTE LAI…er, A BOYFRIEND!!

    The Yellow Flashlight seems like a nice boy…

  3. Charlotte should date a reformed supervillain that knows Mark’s secret.

  4. Evil Brain: there was another comic years ago that dealt with…primarily as a drama…life “in-between battles” as LNC does. “Hero Alliance” counted among its members a reformed supervillain called Argent (who, if memory serves, was responsible for crippling another Alliance member(!) during his criminal career) as well as a reformed prostitute/recovering drug addict turned superheroine known as Gossamer (no connection with Light Lass, who once went by that moniker) who joined the Alliance in order to prove she was once again a fit mother (and despite her success, they very nearly reneged on that deal, changing the rules mid-stream).

    Oh, and the book also had cover art by a youngster named Adam Hughes (didn’t want to end this on a depressing note).

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