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  1. OMG, the TIMING of this!!! I know you didn’t intend for this one to come out only a week after TMZ showed up in Justice League but still….

  2. Well, this is from issue #13, which means it came out 2010 or so for Free Comic Book Day. Look at me being ahead of the curve.

  3. Okay! I just spent a good three hours reading all of this. I love Charlotte. Your story line is top notch, and your art style is fantastic. I’m just going to talk about this and watch this site for the rest of my life. okay. Thanks. Have a nice day.

  4. I think Darkblade is a wee bit wrong, considering that Evil Brain nearly rewrote history. If Evil Brain finds out about Abby, we may delve into Gwen Stacy territory.

  5. there aren’t any comic book shops near where i live, so i’m a bit out of touch: who is TMZ?

  6. Eric: TMZ doesn’t have anything to do with comics, it’s a celebrity gossip/papparazi tv show. They talk about teen pop stars’ drunken antics, and wait outside airports and nightclubs with cameras and stuff like that.

  7. Not directly anything to do with Comics. The were the place that announce the “breakup” of Lois and Clark in the DCnU and they showed up in the Justice League #12.

  8. I’m having problems with this too.

  9. Awwww, the ring feels so ‘right’ to him. *swoon*

  10. That’s right. He’s just a very committed husband. Makes sense to me.

  11. Gloves. Just add a pair of gloves to your costume, and nobody will be able to see the ring.

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