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  1. Now watch there ACTUALLY be an emergency right as the baby needs her diaper changed. Way to make your legitimate excuse sound fishy, Mark.

  2. Now, that’s a load of crap. However I wouldn’t blame if he did. Uncles can be uncomfortable changing nieces’ diapers, especially when that come with rashes. But at least girls don’t come with water cannon.

  3. Evil Brain: a load of crap became the whole point the moment he spoke of diapers. 😀

  4. Oh, please. Diapers? Mark IS invulnerable…mind you, he might have a super sense of smell…;)

  5. Also, does Mark have heat vision? If he has sufficient control, he could simply dry out and brush off the powdered doo-doo.

    Hey, this is making ALL of us a little weird.

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