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  1. My money is on Mrs. O.

  2. 2.0 tremor? That’s a really, really low threshold there…

  3. That would probable be enough to risk exposing the Bladecave

  4. Yeah, 2.0 is pretty low. I can sleep through a 3.0 but I’m from California, we get quakes a lot out here.

  5. Yes, but Mrs. O. is human and vulnerable, so 2.0 is a good threshold if said tremor is caused by one’s girlfriend who isn’t. On the other hand, locking them up in an inescapable room/house might not be the best answer to the problem.

  6. Mrs. O maintains the Airblade? Boy, there’s an unsuspected talent!

  7. Mrs. O would probably be able to take on Zoe (if absolutely necessary OF COURSE); after all, she has access to all those wonderful toys. I doubt if it would really get violent; Zoe seems to prefer staying at Paul’s over his visiting her place. Now THAT’s foreshadowing for “What to Expect”…

    I take it there’s no Bladepole to the Bladecave (that sounded so very wrong even as I wrote it); is there a Blademobile in addition to a Bladecycle (I’m thinking an updated Buckminster Fuller-type Dymaxion car…)?

  8. About Mrs. O’s backstory: does she like Charlotte because she still disapproves of Zoe? Does she see her younger self in Charlotte, or a surrogate daughter (or a daughter she had and lost)? Or is she sizing the girl up for possible membership in the Order?

  9. The house blast shields are probably set to deploy if anyone breaks through a wall.

  10. Yeah, Batman could’ve used one of those when King Tut tunneled into the Batcave…:)

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