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  1. The sign of a true superhero: food runs for your Non-Superfriends! Also, I remember Captain Bellybuster (Chuck McCann) from an episode of The Greatest American Hero.

  2. if she keeps eating like that she is going to be huge by the time she is due, which may be amizonia’s plan

  3. Cravings. Always fun.

  4. I had a pregnant co-worker. I always kept a large bowl of miscellaneous nibbles just for her (gotta love the bulk bins at the big grocery stores), which, she claimed, was a constant relief from the cravings, and kept her weight from getting out of hand during her second pregnancy. Other co-workers noted she wasn’t nearly as manic during the second pregnancy, as well.

  5. It not right to talk about pregnant women weight. I know there got to be some moms or moms-to-be that come to this site, please comment defending yourselves and Abby. Who hasn’t (male or female) had cravings for a cheeseburger before they change for lunch? Try handling two 6 year-olds at burger place “A” with crying for a kids meal from burger place “B” and the other’s yelling the name brand burger from burger place “C”.

  6. My Aunt had 7! Her method was, “whose turn is it?” Arguing about it gave my cousins something to do while she checked her crib notes; lying about it (somehow she always caught the, they never knew how) ment she got to pick — and she ALWAYS picked “wait till we get home and fix it yourself!”


  8. Rick: That’s hilarious.

    K. Alan: They became friends shortly after the double date with Paul and Zoe. When Zoe showed enough humility to ask Abby for help, it diffused the tension between them.

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