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  1. But….
    Excuse me?

  2. He just let it chase him into a mountain face. Characters like that corner better than missiles so it was only dangerous if it caught him off guard.

  3. NOTDilbert: hello? This is business as usual for the guy. I’m more worried about Abby’s epiphany (and the fact that Mark will lprobably never get to see pictures of her in her Catholic School uniform…)

  4. Now I’m worried about attending my first High School reunion, it’s still a few years off.

  5. I went to my first and only reunion many years ago; everyone was complimenting me on how I’d lost so much weight,and I had (there was an extended bus strike that year and I had a lot of walking to work and back); problem was that by that point I was starting to gain it back with a vengeance. Not the reason why I haven’t gone back since; I just don’t like the things.

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