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  1. Subtle

  2. Amazonia, quick with the comeback.

  3. of course she is… a lot of ‘healthy’ girls are quick to defend their status as ‘charter members’ when some one ‘joins the club’.

  4. Ouch. Ouch. Abbie got burned. I’m talking roasted, toasted, and burned to a crisp.

  5. I kind of don’t get this

  6. You’r not the only one loveundefeated i don’t quite get it either

  7. @loveundefeated: Abby is referring to the fact that her breasts have started to get bigger. I’m a guy, so I’m unsure of the specifics, but I do know that during pregnancy, the woman’s breasts get bigger as they start producing (or preparing to produce; as i said, I’m unsure of there specifics) milk for the baby. Abby was commenting that her breasts have started to get bigger, then Amazonia looked at her, assessed Abby’s new size, then commented that Abby’s assets are still not as big as her own.

  8. Amazonia should hold her tongue until Abby is “squirtin’ size” (and yes, I already regret typing that) before making size comparisons.

  9. Thanks for the explanation, as well, swk3000.
    For some reason I thought “joining club Amazonia” would have had something to do with Abby taking the Amazonia kid’s vitamins – as mentioned in a previous comic page – which would also have made sense with the quip “junior member”. XD
    But it totally left out the questions “why is this obvious” and/or “how does Amazonia know about the vitamins in the first place”.

  10. Gotta love how – as enemies – they traded insults vaguely-disguised as compliments. Now that they’re friends…. they just insult each other directly.

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