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  1. Amazonia moving in with Paul is quite the serious move and I ask myself how will that affect or not his secret ID.

    Being rich enough to live in his own island certainly helps with the secrecy somewhat but both are paparazzi magnets already, so it’s almost bound to make the news sooner or later, what might be a complication if Amazonia has any major enemies of her own.

  2. Amazonia is right having all that stuff can fix any long distance relationship

  3. Just a random question, but looking at this page, it just occurred to me. How does Amazonia move her arms in that outfit, she would be constantly poking herself on the silver v thingy.

  4. Wait, I thought it was already known in the public that Paul and Amazonia were dating? Didn’t they go to a basketball game together?

  5. It’s actually a reflective fabric made in her home dimension. Hooray for handwaves!

  6. Hm…did you see “The Time of the Doctor”? How do we know Zoe and her people aren’t nudists who “wear” holographic clothing?

    That fellow in the back row…someone find a paper bag, he’s hyperventilating.

  7. K.Alan: Easy. There have been a few mentions of the durability of Amazonia’s clothing, and we get to see part of the construction process for Abby’s Wedding Dress, which was done on Amazonia’s homeworld.

  8. @Roborat: Think stiff, but bendable, cloth. Or at least that would be my guess.

  9. Unstable-moleculed clothing designed by an architect, or for slightly different laws of physics?

  10. Oh, and Jack_Simth? Just because the Leandians can MAKE “conventional” clothing doesn’t mean they always use it. There are definite advantages to holoclothes, they should simply be avoided on Trenzalore in the winter.

    I really hope Sports Illustrated’s next “bodypaint swimsuit” spread (shut up) experiments with superheroine “costumes” for the models. Just to get it out of our systems. ;)-

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