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  1. If those two end up having children it may very well be somewhat dangerous for anyone once said children reach a certain age. Something tells me children with hints of Amzaonia’s power set combined with Paul’s mental attributes would be bad for everyone during the teenage rebellion phase.

  2. If Amazonia is publicly dating Paul, would it be seen as cheating with Darkblade?

  3. i think it will be more dangerous if their child either goes through paul’s party phase. or if that child is a girl (the poor poor boy who shows up for her first date)

  4. She is publicly dates Paul.She never dated Darkblade.

  5. With Mrs O’L., tolerance is the best one can hope for.

  6. Mrs. O’L is just being protective of her “son”…(in fact, have you noticed that she looks a little like the new Alfred, Sean “I’m Dressing Like My Father!” Pertwee in drag? Or for that matter, the aforementioned Jon Pertwee in drag? (Check the Doctor Who story “The Green Death”…you’ll go blind AND it’s a cracking yarn)

  7. “Closet space to spare in his there”?

  8. “So Amazonia, what did you see in Paul? It’s the car right? Chicks digs the car. Or is it the money?”
    “No, not really. It’s just… I can fly, and punch through walls. I’m very good with swords, and an alien princess. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is life besides battling super-villians and saving people. And Paul, he keeps me grounded, to never forget that”

  9. Well, at least it didn’t descend to “and have you ever seen him NAKED??? WOOP!”

  10. @K.Alan
    “So THAT’s why you’re name is Dark Blade huh?”

  11. I’m still wondering why Agent Coulson calls his car Lola…

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