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  1. Can’t compete with it, but then who would want to? “The Real World” was the tip of the iceberg, when MTv first stopped being MUSIC Television.

  2. Heh, I’ve been ‘rescued’ by an accountent before, so he is still up there. Plus he can do take out in multiple countries! 🙂 That’s very cool.

  3. There’s a thought…get Paul LeCroix on “I’m A Celebrity–Get Me Out of Here!” (It’d be kind of pointless to have Mark on “Survivor,” and Blurstreak could be downright dangerous on “You Think You Can Dance?”

    Speaking of Blurry, I’ve always wondered why his costume is grey and blue. If it were red and blue, it’d create a neat optical illusion (well, on the printed page). Sorry, TZ: I’ve had a little “creative exercise” in superhero creation over the last few years that led to some…interesting-looking characters. Sorry again; I do tend to ramble, don’t I?

  4. So… We don’t get to see her in her old school uniform?

    *sad face*

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