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  1. Hm… but is she going to SHOW him?

  2. Thom laid out that last panel very cleverly. At the same time that she’s glancing back toward Mark, she’s also looking out at us, and the message is for us too. “I’m not going to tell you.” Hee hee. (Come on, Thom. Enquiring minds want to know!)

  3. Abby has 2 options here.
    1. Tell Mark how she got the nickname “Skins.” or…
    2. Don’t tell Mark, and he goes to Darkblade with the question.

    If you tease someone enough about NOT telling them something, they just might go to great lengths to find out exactly why you’re so adamant about NOT telling them.

  4. Of course he could go to Darkblade with the question, unless he decides that it’s really a private concern and doesn’t need to be discussed outside their marriage. Not everybody would hold on to the issue to quite that extent. It could also be construed as obsessive.

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