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  1. If I had a dollar every time that happened to me, I’d buy a rocketship and move to the moon.

  2. You could only afford the moon shot? 😉

  3. Two words: tranq darts.

    …I’m not allowed to babysit my nieces anymore.

  4. Well, there are those Superman stories (maybe not the one with Sugar and Spike) that Mark could rely on. Or they could beam up to the space station and pray that the blinking lights and pretty colours will grab her attention.

    Or, she might just need changing already (weren’t Mommy and Daddy sneaky?).

  5. Evil Brain: I’m surprised you haven’t already. Babysitting that much and having the money for a personal space mission? THAT is the definition of “industrious.”

    SilentSooYun: Pity no one’s built a working cone of silence (the CIA did, sort of, but it’s kind of large…)

  6. Addendum to the above: there was a book about the making of “Get Smart” that revealed the existence of the CIA’s “Cone” of Silence. They really liked that show…

  7. Where are the other two kids?

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