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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. What, not “Prepare to TIE!” ?

    This guy needs to work on his one-liners.

  2. I find I must agree with Gaijin. *tsks*

  3. I always knew Roger would grow up and be a supervillain. Where’s Quailman when you need him?

  4. What’s his name, The Bureaucrat? Face it Crusader, you will never cut through my red tape!

  5. Bubble tape?

  6. Saw Quailman at a con the other day. Made my year. ^_^

  7. Oh no! It’s the Crusader’s ONLY weakness! It’s… ribbons?

  8. I’m just wondering if you should run a “create a supervillain” contest: one for goobers like this guy, another for ones who are actually, credibly menacing.

  9. This series is titled very deliberately: “LOVE (& capes)” The focus is completely on their relationships, to the extent that 95% of the actual superheroing happens “off-camera”.

    That makes a page like this pretty rare!

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