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  1. Soo… his capes are soft and fluffy to the touch? Innnterresting… 😀

  2. You’d think something that can survive super battles would be shrink proof.

  3. That’s funny. They can withstand fiery breath and icy meteors, but nothing is immune to a hot-water wash with laundry detergent. I just hope his yellow capes don’t get put into the wash with his red outfit.

  4. She didn’t see the ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag.

  5. reminds me of that scene in The Incredibles: “snug yet comfortable, can withstand 5000 degrees of heat, is completely bulletproof, and machine-washable. new feature!”

  6. Perhaps we can get a crossover with Atomic Laundromat?

  7. I now totally understand why they wear the capes to cover up their butts. Also? Kind of wish I could unsee that last panel…just a little bit.

  8. @ eric

    But Edna also said “NO CAPES!!!”

  9. Too late. (My eeeyes! AAAIGGHHHHH…)

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