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  1. –Mark’s got a point.(and a target on his goodies from Abby’s reaction) Those old “Superman babysitting” stories are starting to sound good as guides, at least for him.

  2. Could be worse. She could have sung Justin Bieber.

  3. Blame Canada! Blame Canada! Please can you take him back?

    LiC, you made a bieb-liever out of me. Worse export EVER! Seriously, is there anything worse?

    Can Abby sing?

  4. Evil Brain- Yea there is worse, the illegal alien MS-13yo “”children”” surge over the summer brought enterovirus 68, drug resistant Tuberculosis, Chagas, Dengue Fever & costing taxpayers $226 a day each. So don’t complain about millionaires that spend money until you kick out all the MS-13 gang members.

  5. I know whats coming next

    Mark: wait I here people in trouble got to go. exists stage left at super speed.

  6. Abby is carrying her, but Mark is probably still getting the worst of it. A baby wailing must be hard on his super hearing. Mark was almost killed by a hypersonic emitter (all the way back to Feb 23, 2011 in the archives). I’ve heard some infants shrieking that I’m sure came pretty close to that!

  7. Evil Brain: problem is, WE don’t want him back. I mean, why do you thihk we let go of Celine Dion? (Besides, we DID give you Lorne Greene and William Shatner…mixed blessing, but still)

  8. They should probably should have started with a cat, but then again that’s probably just me.

  9. Ben: even cats can’t compare to babies as “wanting machines.” (Funny idea for a sight gag: Mark DOES have a “New 52” version of his costume that he only uses for the changing of diapers…I’ve already paraphrased that William Shatner quote once today, I don’t want to repeat it)

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