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  1. Villains are easy – big time accounting? Now THAT is some serious pressure. 😛

    Hmmm, first to comment apparently.

  2. Oooo. Hate nightmares like that. 😀

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAH! XD Awesome, this is a very realistic fear for him!

  4. I dunno, that red tape seems more pink to me.

  5. Hilarious! “The Bureaucrat” (thank you to Techromancer’s brilliant comment on the previous page) must represent the sum of Mark’s anxieties about government tax regulations and red tape. It’s bad enough to even give a superhero post traumatic stress!

  6. I second what Paul said. Mujaki, the ‘pink’ tape might only be a reflection of the fact that with Crusader’s costume being red, it would be more difficult for actual ‘red tape’ to be seen against it. The nightmare might also be a compilation of Mark’s fears that some villain will discover his secret identity and, therefore, put Abby at risk.

  7. heart-stopping nightmare, maybe it’s ticker tape.

    guy looks like a count, aunt.

  8. there is no accounting for some villains.

  9. Ah, it must be tax season.

  10. Snidely Whiplash, the Great Gazoo and tax talk wrapped in one package: Abby’s lucky there isn’t a giant pee spot on the sheets.

  11. Not sure about 2011, but the taxpayer is going to have to file a Schedule B (Interest and Ordinary Dividends), a Form TDF 90-22.1 (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBAR), *and* a Form 8938 (Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets), since they’re over $50,000 in assets.

  12. And you thought Freddy Krueger was a nightmare. That whole FBAR thing could easily have me running for the hills.

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