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  1. so is this the comic we were suppose to get Monday or did we skip that one.

  2. Babies love playing Superman, or in this case: Crusader. Just don’t drop the baby.

  3. She says that now. Wait until after their kid is born and they’re entering week three of sleepless nights. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be pretty grateful her husband can not only fly their kid around in order to calm them, but also has super-stamina to stay up with the kid, while her normal human body needs a few extra hours of rest. 😛

  4. And “cheating” in front of a large window in full view of the neighbours is worth double points. Mark, do you even *want* to keep your identity secret?

  5. If ya ain’t cheating, ya ain’t trying hard enough. =OP

  6. @Wurm King: it looks like comic for monday (9/29) did a swap-a-roo with the one for friday (9/26)

  7. @Corwin MacGregor: No, as lots of people have pointed out already, Monday’s comic was a duplicate of the one from Wednesday (9/24).

  8. Y’know – looking at this comic I realized that they will face a challenge keeping Mark’s secret identity when they kid is able to talk. Kids have no filter between their brain and mouth. (and some people never develop one) so he or she will be blabbing to everyone “my dad’s the Crusader” “my dad can fly” “my dad can lift cars” etc. etc. etc. Unless people just ignore the kid as exaggerating, the cat’s out of the bag. If they DO disbelieve the kid, then Mark and Abby have to deal with all the issues of kids making fun of the kid,

  9. How big is the superhero “community” in the LNCverse? Is it large enough to actually become a community? Then problem solved!

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