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  1. The big reveal.

  2. And she’s smiling?!

  3. Oh, you reeaaaaally shouldn’t do that to your sister while she’s driving…..

  4. Well who’s gonna drop the news on Mark, I think he’s still in the dark on that one.

  5. I wonder if Mark knows?

  6. And why does Charlotte know this?

  7. That’s when we Wait Until the Next Installment to find out. (Maybe she and Paul are BFFs on the side. There could be a lot of reasons. Maybe they hang out at the same gun club. Whatever.)

  8. Of course. This makes a whole lot of sense. I am surprised this did not occur to me as a possible explanation after Charlotte mentioned “someone” not being single after the wedding reception. Less drama, so as someone looking for plot, I am slightly disappointed, but eager to see the next story arc, whatever it might be. On the other hand, as someone who cares about the well-being of characters I have grown to appreciate, I am very happy that it will not turn into a nasty love-triangle of hurt feelings.

  9. The sudden bright light on Charlotte’s face, is because Abby just steered the car into oncoming traffic.

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