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  1. Mr. Super-Human-Sense-of-Smell couldn’t smell it through the diaper? …Yes, Abby, I’d be skeptical too.

  2. Crusader’s Stink Vision rarely gets used.

  3. His greatest weakness, revealed! 😀

  4. Remember, if you have to fight Crusader, do it over the sewage treatment facility.

  5. If this gets out, every villain he faces will have Skunk Perfume!

  6. BAH! If he truly had super-smell without flash suppression, then he would be unconscious or have involuntarily retreated from the room to a safe distance. Get back in there, you sissy, and deal with it!

  7. Additionally, the Green Tar of Death and Decay (baby poo) doesn’t even register on the Truly Nasty Scale of Fecal Odiferousness. I worked several years as a CNA, and the lowest rating on the TNSFO is “What Crawled Up You and Died?”, followed by “Toxic Waste”, and the final, and worst poo smell gets the “What Ate Toxic Waste and Crawled Up You and Died” category. Baby poo is a sweet spring breeze compared to what can come out of an elderly person’s backside, especially after a meal with pureed spinach.

  8. It is just as bad without the powers. Wow, this is a page from my life. And I LOVE the drawbacks of super senses.

  9. I think Abby may be right, that Mark’s playing this up to get out of diaper duty in the future. There are so many awful smells out and about in a city, and a few times I’ve had to stand next to someone who reeked so terribly it almost made me gag and my eyes water. Mark flies all over the world helping people. He must have saved more than one stinky, unwashed person in his day, so he has got to be used to it.

  10. I love how many comments this one page got — more than I’ve seen on most pages here, so far.

  11. Gotta love super senses, it makes things just that much more funny.

  12. Did Mark just admit that there was something that Abby was better at than the Crusader? Dangerous territory. Also, somebody should tell Abby that baby powder shouldn’t be used on girl babies as it causes yeast infections.

  13. We know that Mark has MRI vision, not X-Ray vision, but that does not ncessarily mean he has ALL of Superman’s powers. I think he (A) is pulling Abby’s leg or (B) has never before seen a dirty diapie up close. Then again, maybe he did…and it traumatized him.

    If Mark doesn’t have “super-robots”…now’s the time to build ’em (I miss the Silver Age…).

    Vergie: maybe Abby was using a special powder made especially for girl babies. It’s an alternate reality, it could happen…

  14. Town Crier: Hm. I’m only 56 (57 next month), but I can tell you now that there is no chance of MY eating pureed or any other kind of spinach. I can’t stand it now, couldn’t stand it when I was a kid (Popeye SO betrayed us…although there was an articfle in “High Times” (shut up) that suggested that what the one-eyed swab was really consuming was marijuana…which at the time of his creation included “spinach” as one of its euphemisms). –OK, the odd spinach and feta croissant or spanakopita, BUT THAT’S IT.

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