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  1. Competency – Abby’s arch-nemesis.

    …Thom, her expression says it all. Kudos for art well-done.

  2. Darn! Foiled by chocolate cake again!
    Jason, where was your emergency phone call when Abby needed it most?

  3. Yeah, you show you’re tech-savvy, and they make you company president. Just like poor old Bill Gates, he just wanted to invent a way for himself to play games….

  4. My wife and I have a small upscale restaurant in a small town. At the first chamber meeting we went to we were nearly attacked when we said we knew how to use facebook and twitter for marketing. The other businesses had no idea how to use them. A;though they didn’t make her president my wife in the treasurer. It was so funny because the town has tons of kids who all know this stuff.

  5. It must be said… “And then they made me their chief.”

  6. At least now she will know the dessert before the meeting starts

  7. It just proves the old saying: “don’t volunteer.” ANYTHING.

  8. lorna freeman the border lands series and jim butcher wrote it best” the only reward for a good job done is more work”

  9. Well, there ya go. They had dessert after all, and it came with more obligations attached (clever trap). Conclusion: the cake is not a lie in this case, but an effective lure. 😀

  10. If she had stopped after ‘running specials’. She would have been better off.

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