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  1. Pureed, with an accent mark.

    And Tina is smarter than she looks; I wouldn’t fall for cauliflower in any form, either.

  2. Mark’s just asking to be a stay-at-home dad with that attitude. Oh, I know, he’ll pull the “But I’m a superhero and I need to be available at a moment’s notice…” bit, but if Abby’s smart, she won’t fall for it.

  3. I’m pretty sure that forcing cauliflower on a kid is how you make supervillains.

  4. This made me LOL

  5. I don’t know, cauliflower mixed with carrot isn’t so bad, but in either case were talking a little kid there, and Tina might not like the carrots, or the cauliflower, you never know with a kid that age.

  6. Mark needs another 24 hours without superpowers. Abby’s not the only one who needs the lessons in childcare reality.

    Jesse: Cauliflower and spinach didn’t make me a supervillain, but the latter did irreparably damage my close personal relationship with Popeye.

  7. She did say it was delicious, so Tina figured it would be bad form to hog all of it for herself and was only trying to share.

  8. … could be worse. When I was that age, I’d announce i was done by turning the bowl upside down on my head – consequently I spent my early years with a buzz cut to make cleanup easier.

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