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  1. I don’t trust her… Or maybe I do… Hrm… I want to trust her… Darn you realistic character portrayal and likable character design!

  2. Oh goodness, love that we can’t tell whether or not she’s being genuine or not here. Your characterizations are absolutely amazing! (I love that I did a little freudian type for a second there and typed “amazong” rather than “amazing.)

  3. Oh please she’s evil.

  4. Alert! We have a possible number 6 in progress!

  5. I suspect she’ll play it straight and become a good guy. I would still suspect it if she let out a maniacal laugh.

  6. I think this is a great play by Zoe whatever her motives are. This is a nice thing if she wants to play it that way. On the other hand, this also means she will have a weekend where she could torment Abby and Abby will also owe Zoe big time, which will be torture in itself.

  7. What really makes this one SO perfect is that Darkblade is totally on the same train of thoughts 😀

  8. Amazonia, suggesting this is PURE EVIL, you know that, right?

    If Abby accepts, she’ll be in your debt forever (and in your clutches for a whole weekend).
    If Abby turns this down, she’ll be a spoilsport AND not get the dress of her dreams for the wedding.

    In any case you’ll be posing/viewed as the bigger person (got nothing to do with size this time).

    My hat off to your cunning scheme!

  9. I do not understand Mark’s uncertainty or the uncertainty in the comments. As far as I can tell from having read every strip up to this one, Amazonia has always been friendly and genuine.

  10. you seriously do not read subtext well :I

  11. Anthony, seeing as literally everyone else in the comic, AND literally everyone else in the comments, has said that Amazonia has not been ‘always friendly and genuine’, you’re going to have to take everyone’s word that you are wrong on the matter

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