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  1. … okay, am I missing a pop-culture reference with that pink-framed dialogue? About the only thing I understand here is the last panel.
    Oh, and the fidgeting. 🙂

  2. It’s How I Met Your Mother.

  3. The pop culture reference is a scene from the tv series “How I met Your Mother”, in which Barney is using a thinly veiled suit metaphor to tell his friend Ted that he likes Ted’s ex-girlfriend Robin, and Ted, being the nice guy that he is, tries using the metaphor to get Barney to “Buy the suit…” etc

    That is, “go ahead and date my ex”, tying in with our hero’s current situation.

  4. Thanks for the explanation, Dan. That had me wondering too.

  5. Abby’s expressions, the film’s dialogue, her comment at the end… hmmm, well played, madam, well played i would guess.

  6. Yay, I got this even without external explanation! For once. 😀

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