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  1. Gotta wonder if Paul’s girlfriend, Whatzirnamia, has a finger in that pie.

  2. @kiwar4face
    Pie? What pie? I am confused. The comic I see is about milk.

  3. amazon. need more be said? may as well just toss in a few spider-man web-site jokes too, right?

  4. Whaddya mean “no help”? Without his “cheaty” ways, you’d still be holding a crying baby.

  5. Although there’s a little foreshadowing involving Mark’s greater comfort with these newfangled computerinatin’ contraptions…

  6. I’m wondering if Doc Karma’s temporary removal of Mark’s powers was in fact a placebo: given that Abby is pregnant, apparently by the usual method and without the crushing of her ribs and spine (not to mention the high-speed ejection of her spleen), would seem to indicate that Mark has, subconsciously, the ability to switch his powers on and off (there’s a paranormal phenomenon known as “parakinesis”(not to be confused with the other PK) that effectively makes super-strength possible regardless of physicality. Which helps to explain Buffy the Vampire Slayer). What Mark needs is a “guru” (not necessarily Dr. Karma) to help him access that ability consciously.

  7. and PK would be? let’s see, there’s pyrokinesis, psychokinesis, pheromonakinesis, ponykinesis…


  8. @K.Alan i don’t think he’s a Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex kind of superhero. Besides Lois and Clark had no problem with “Ejections” XD

  9. @K.Alan: Doc Karma’s removal of powers seemed to be legit. Because Mark wasn’t trying to keep from hurting Abby so they could be intimate. He was just asking for a day where he had no powers so that way he could spend the whole day with Abby without having to rush off to save the day. Also when Karma removed his powers it was for 24 hours.

    Doc Karma has never given Mark any further “power removals” since that storyline, so we can only assume that he and Abby have hooked up many times over the course of their marriage without incident. I’m assuming he has trained himself, in the same way that Clark supposed trained himself to be able to hook-up with Lois in Smallville.

  10. Ok. Let’s get serious for a moment— Mark has invulnerability. That means he has “unyielding” flesh. He ALSO has super vision abilities, meaning he just looks and makes sure he isn’t going “too far”.

    The DOWNSIDE is that Mark may not feel things as “strongly” as a mundane human, meaning it might take a LOT longer for Mark to be physically stimulated to finish an intimate acts that could lead to children.

    For other intimate acts, he merely has to be careful to not move quickly. That’s it.

    Besides that, since Mark can lift large objects and not have them fall apart, that means his super strength is more a psionic or magic power, not a physical power. That would suggest his other abilities are also based the same way— psionic or magic. Look at what his powers are— amplification of normal abilities (strength, speed, endurance), remote sensing (far seeing, seeing through physical materials, far hearing, far smelling, etc), and invulnerability (Toughening of the body to ignore exterior effects). With powers of the mind/magic and not powers due to physical structure, that means he should have an easier time interacting with non-supers, as whether he’d hurt people would be based on will (whether his powers are psionic (mind) or magic (will power) based).

  11. hypnofetish: psychokinesis (although if Mark has “heat vision,” we could include pyrokinesis…except that’s not an actual documented psi ability. Then again, there’s that anecdote about the Bodhidharma in “Action Philosophers!”…)

    <urkerFromBeyond: Manymany moons ago, the "Starlog"-like magazine Fantastic Films had an article in its second issue titled "The Powers of Kal-El" by Clyde Jones that put forward a pretty good case for Superman's powers being based on psionics.

    Then again, perhaps Mark, like Clark, possesses an "inertial damping field"…it would explain why Superman didn't bisect Lois Lane when he caught her in her fall from the Daily Planet building in the first Reeve movie.

  12. Hm…in the current version of “Adventures of Superman” (the one where the question of what does Superman need with body armour never comes up…), it was mentioned that, while Supes is invulnerable and can’t feel pain, he does have something…compensatory…that is, while not painful, IS…not pleasant. Perhaps Mark’s inability to feel pain (given he and Abby have a sex life, does that extend to pleasure?–Hm…) is linked to his invulnerability: not having the “pain barrier”(which partially explains the “Hulkout”strength of out-of-control PCP users) triggers the “damage barrier.”

  13. What, is there no La Leche League in Deco City? Breast is best, Abby! Also easiest. Yeah, there’s a learning curve but being able to roll over at 3am and pop the baby on definitely beats out having to buy formula, not to mention sterilizing and heating bottles also at 3am.

  14. Um, Itesa, this is not Abby’s baby. They are baby-sitting for a friend. Abby’s barely a month or two pregnant still, so how could she breastfeed this baby?

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