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  1. Gotta love those pesky loop holes.

  2. Smoooth operator indeed….sometimes just being skilled enough in something is a power on itself.

  3. At this point I really do wonder if he’s still Amazonia’s accountant, or if he recommended someone for her.

  4. I hope I didn’t wake my neighbors by my laughing. Smart, smart man. 😀

  5. Accountants…aren’t we happy when they’re on our side??? (Heck knows I was this year…)

    Is Paul LeCroix one of Mark’s clients, explaining in part how he and Abby were able to buy their building?

    Also, about the satellite: Mark’s statement almost seems to say that the League could declare itself a country if need be. Of course, that would NEVER happen, WOULD it, Thom?

  6. The UN space treaty says no one owns space and you can’t stake a territorial claim to any part of it. HOWEVER, whatever you haul up there is treated just like a ship at sea, so it’s all yours. Pick a nation with no taxes (Amazonia may have a suggestion) and you’re good.
    Not really sure how you stop people from taking possession of whatever rock or ship they want if they are prepared to defend it, but that’s another issue altogether for our grand kids to get migraines over.

    However, I’m sure the satellite is registered by Amazonia or someone else out there as an embassy, and that makes it technically a piece of a sovereign soil, a part of an existing territory at the international level. Once again when you get right down to it, if you can defend something against all comers, you can make it whatever you want it to be…

    Loopholes, gotta love ’em.

  7. I think Amazonia pays personal taxes at home (if the royal family must pay taxes) and has a accounting department for her buisness

  8. Sneaky, sneaky Mark.

  9. An old Arthur C. Clarke story had an international expedition to the moon.
    30 – 50 men, 3 ships.
    Anyhoo, several took the last ship back… Missed all the parades….
    But were off-planet for tax purposes!

  10. reminds me of John Ringo’s book, “live free or die”, where the super-rich protagonist, Tyler Vernon, based his company in some obscure country called Tonga, to avoid taxes and regulations…would you believe the EPA tried to go after him for polluting OUTER SPACE with his asteroid mining operations?

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