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  1. I just KNEW that invisible ring thing would be a problem.

  2. Yeah, those psyhoactive switches always seem to turn on and off at the wrong time. Like the bar, the club, the hotel and even when I with the wife. It makes it so hard to pickup chicks when when the ring appears and lie to the wife when it disappears at home.

  3. “…but you left you left your ring on…”

  4. Last Panel, Paul’s Line: Not to step on your dramatic point but you left you left your ring on “invisible”. You only need 1 “you left” in that sentence.

    Love this comic.

  5. “you left you left” your ring on

  6. It’s not -really- a problem at this point. It’s an inconvenience at worst, so far.

    It only becomes a problem if it stays or becomes visible in front of the wrong person. That being said, there are a lot of wrong persons, so yeah, it could happen.

  7. Is this psychoactive switch affected by psychoactive drugs? Cuz that could get really crazy; just sayin’

  8. Since when has Mark ever shown any need for psychoactive drugs?

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