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  1. Wait till the baby starts screaming at odd hours of the night. XD

    Other than that – Awww =^_^=

  2. We never got Carter and Aidan’s ages, for all we know they could be at a frat party or maybe they’re just old enough not to need a sitter.

  3. “Carter and Aidan, you just got someone to babysit your baby. What are you going to do next?”
    We’re going to Dizzyworld!”

  4. I think it’s obvious that they’re asleep. Now that the baby is out of the house, they can catch up on sleep.

  5. What’s teh kid got to complain about? She has a clean diapie, she’s being fed and she has company.

    At least you didn’t have her regard her refer to Abby in babyspeak as a “big milk thing.” Heck knows what she is calling Mark…(Dr. Who fans: insane, sinister AND funny)

  6. –And we stick to that story.

  7. I’m assuming that Carter and Aidan are old enough that the parents arranged sleep-overs for them with friends, so that Abby and Mark just had to worry about one kid.

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