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  1. Oh yeah. Take the Law into your own hands, but don’t mess with the Guy Code. Truefax. *nods*

  2. My first thought was that the ‘romance’ was actually some deception aimed a bad guy we hadn’t met yet. Wrong!


  3. Doesn’t he mean the Bro code?

    PS: if you’re a chick reading this, know that under article 38 of the Bro code it clearly states that there’s no such thing as the Bro code.

  4. My first thought was that any romance was strictly in her head but not his.

    But ‘Bros before …’; aw, you know the rest.

  5. Thom, you need to make a Guy Code t-shirt with Darkblade and Crusdaer. I would purchase it immediately.

  6. @ liehon
    Or “Man Law?”

  7. Heh, Bro’s before Zo’s?

  8. Bro’s before garden implements?

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