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  1. Problem in Chronopolis?

  2. Probable a invasion of giant space ants and their army of George Washington clones.

  3. Problems with Amazonia?

  4. He needs a Super Strong Friend to tow his Darkblade plane.

  5. Poker night.

  6. Paul thinks he’s “rescuing” Mark? Or is the big guy going to get some parenting pointers from Golden Torch (or Paul’s dad)?

  7. loveundefeated: I realize this is offsubject (I tend to do that…), but wouldn’t it be interesting if Amazonia’s costume were programmed to change into street clothes whenever she did a “Wonder Woman twirl” or somesuch? The reason she doesn’t use that function is that there are…programming errors in her outfit that can’t be fixed until the Leandian version of the next Windows comes out. –For the record, I’m a MILD-MANNERED dirty old man…

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