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  1. My plan is to have her bring Abby tea.

  2. Lol NoRAd. Exactly what I thought.

  3. I’m thinking that the guys’ plan will be the exact opposite of Zoe and Abby’s plan, being that the plans are being made separately. Unless, of course, his plan is to have Zoe dress like Abby and that’s why she’s visiting Abby. To borrow clothes. (If so, sees train wreck in future that even Mark can’t stop.)

  4. The clothes-borrowing thing? Given that Abby’s size is smaller (in each dimension) than Zoe’s, I doubt very much that plan will go forward. Besides offering her own experience with her boy’s parents…with the potentially catastrophic advice of “be yourself”…any sartorial aid may have to come from Paul’s chief of staff/”don’t call her a housekeeper”…

    Again, uh-oh.

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