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  1. strange tactic, but an effective one. (personally i’d throw the pancakes anyway)

  2. No, I have to agree with you. I’m a straight GUY and I want to throw the pancakes at him.

  3. Would that mean you’d “flapjack” him up?

  4. Got a feeling this will be one of those “Look I know you’re a super hero and wanna fix everything, but…” storylines. But I’m always surprised.

  5. Well done, good sir! Excellent stratagem!

  6. This is a Men In Black II reference, isn’t it?

  7. I really hoped Abby was over this whole petty insecure and jealous phase. It is so disappointing to see her being so ungrateful for such a grand gesture. I really hope she gets over it someday, the sooner the better, especially since Amazonia has been nothing but nice and helpful to her since they first met.

  8. except she hasn’t, Anthony

  9. And I’m finding it highly suspicious that you’re seeming to avoid every single page that shows that everyone, including Amazonia herself, says she has NOT ‘been nothing but nice and helpful to her since they first met’, Anthony. Go work on reading subtext, and you might, MIGHT, finally figure out where you are wrong on this matter.

  10. Guys, I think our boy Anthony is what we sane folk call; a Troll.

  11. I think Solo Mundi is right

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