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  1. Ooh, nice place.

  2. That is a massive couch. like… massive. So I guess that means we’re viewing the room from a point directly in front of the telly?

  3. @NoRAd- in the fine old sitcom tradition!!

  4. It makes sense; Mark is rather huge in stature. If he wants to stretch out and be a couch potato when he’s not accounting or saving people, he’s gonna need a big couch. And yeah, the tv is probably on the fourth wall where we are. I’m so glad I’m not seeing that horrid color in the kitchen that he was talking about a while back.

  5. Mark’s a Trekkie. Of course the doors would be orange

  6. I thought the Enterprise doors were red; my mistake. Unless you’re talking about the new version’s, in which I don’t really care…

    Definite “chickout moment” for Abby and Zoe: didja notice the “ooo!” expression on the latter’s face?

  7. Nice!!!!!

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