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  1. oh he better pray abby never finds out what the “emergency” was, if she does she will kill him. or become his newest arch-nemesis/super villain.

  2. oh an by he I meant paul.

  3. Those cries could very well be Tina trying to tell her she’s tired and maybe needs to be put to bed for the night?

  4. Step 1: check the diaper
    Step 2: add pacifier
    Step 3: burp the baby
    Step 4: go back to step 1

    Yes, I do know there’s a lot more you can try. =)

  5. Car rides always put me straight to sleep as a baby. And currently…

  6. @ Kyren
    Every baby is different. For some, just putting them in a car seat on top of the dryer works, while the dryer is on of course. For others, you can turn a vacuum cleaner on and the noise quietens them. Then there’s the ones where nothing seems to work.

  7. Out at the Renaissance Festival, I loudly berate criers for stealing my bit, then give them a proper demonstration of proper crying. Most of the time it works and confuses them while entertaining the adults. I love the “WTF?!?” look the babies get on their faces.

  8. Hmm i wonder why Paul didn’t just used his plane?

  9. It is because of the recession. Do you know how much it cost to fuel a private plane? I don’t blame Paul for abusing his friendship. And I don’t blame Abby for what she’ll do to Paul.

  10. A credena?? I don’t know who’s in deeper doody…Zoe for having one or Paul for effing up Abby’s “mommy training night.”

    Yeah, it’s Paul.

  11. BTW, could it simply be that Tina’s starting to teethe?

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