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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. haha! True that. I like where this is going 😀

  2. Well that was easy

  3. YEA! for vindictiveness!

  4. Charlotte… drop the art career, your future is in psychology

  5. Have. To. Remember. Lighting Up. Line.

  6. That and a nice whole-wheat croissant, and you’re set. (Or something. Hey, she’s in France, they have croissants, there, right?)

  7. @FrankNW: Only when you step on their mound. Then you’ll see how cross their ants can get.

  8. Really? Abby decides to accept only so she can malevolently rub Amazonia’s nose in it? Good grief, Amazonia does not deserve this. Abby should just find another dress after all.

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