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  1. Wow, I wonder what advice Abby can give based on that family history.

    On a side note, I can’t help but think there should be something in the apartment that would make it look like they’re geeky fans of the superheroes. It’d be funny.

  2. A game room with superhero posters all over the walls would do it…all SIGNED, of course….

  3. Just to point out, the word Amazonia is looking for is ‘contentious’.

  4. Well, Saeko, there *are* those Crusader costumes hiding in their bedroom closet. 😉 😉

  5. Lol but Vergie, those are the SECRET ones! Although, it’d be funny to see at some point an alternate Crusader in our dimension so that he could dress up as Crusader for Halloween.

  6. With glasses obviously, so people don’t catch on to how goddamn good he is at cosplaying the Crusader. 😛

  7. Obviously. ^_^ That’s just what I was thinking. Also, I had that episode from Lois and Clark where alternate Clark showed up as Superman right when Clark was about to admit who he was to a media frenzy in my head.

  8. Hm… I suspect that the La Croix family is just a tad overly educated to be on Jerry Springer (or Steve Wilkos, or Maury Povich, or etc.). Being a stepson myself, I can sympathize with Paul re: his dad’s wife…especially if she’s young enough to give him siblings (thankfully, my stepmom was very definitely not).

    And while you can colour me embarrassed for not realizing sooner that the warrior monks were Irish in origin, I still stand by the theory that one of Paul’s predecessors may have been the LNC universe equivalent of Zorro. The name’s just too darn appropriate…

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