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  1. it would have been funnier (if out of character) if one of them admitted that releasing D-Block was the original idea, but they were talked out of it.

  2. I think they did in the last panel.

  3. Man. Zoe was right about something. Is it the end times?

    She may be Paul’s only chance of survival against the Crusader/Abby team…

  4. Just wait until Paul and Zoe have their own kid. Vengance is sweet. It’s also tiny, demands to be fed at odd hours, and requires a diaper change.

  5. MythicMiss: Paul will have an advantage over Mark: he owns gloves. 😉

  6. Yup, that last panel means Darkblade’s original brilliant concept was to sic a villain or two on Mark, and Amazonia prudently talked him down to “help me move”.

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