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  1. This is one of the best written comics out there bar none.

  2. @Hwalsh: I agree, but we try not to say that too often in case it goes to his head.

    Cant have him thinking we’re hooked, otherwise he might go all plot-twisty n evil
    on us…

    So shhhh… 🙂


  3. Eh, he’s several chapters ahead of us, so we’re good. For now.

    …This, I think above all else, PROVES that Darkblade is the greatest detective of his generation. Because he has thought this through. He KNOWS this is what the Crusader needs to grasp, and manage. Sure, it’s only a credenza and a couple of statues. Because this is PRACTICE for when the world needs saving more than his own child needs cuddling. Baby steps, as it were, getting him–and Abby–used to the idea that, well, emergencies happen.

    Darkblade knew he’d be torn. Knew he had to practice setting aside the father to continue to be the superhero. There will be times when the Crusader will call on Darkblade to step in for him so he can be with his family, but…well, in a crisis, the Crusader has to do his job.

    …I am so very, very glad I found this webcomic.

  4. I dunno.
    Crusader should get this. He leaves Abby at home regularly and flies off to protect her from problems she doesn’t even know exist, and if he does his job right, and well, she never will.

    Any real crisis that REQUIRES Crusader to fix it _by definition_ puts his child and many others in harm’s way, and his duty is clear. It’s like the leader of a SWAT team not going after a mass murder on the loose because the baby is feeling cranky. Crusader knows better than this.
    Ah, but those hormones mess with your head so much.

    It’s good to see humanity in our heroes.

  5. I don’t know either.

    I think when it is HIS kid crying that sound will go through him like nothing else. And he’s right – doing this is silly when he already ignores the crying of thousands of children around the world on a daily basis because he can’t fix hunger or poverty or falling off a bike or brother stole my toy.

    The real trick is will he trust Abby to protect his child when he has to be away?

    Besides, I wanna see The Crusader beating a baddie with baby in a carrysac because Abby was at a planned conference and had Mark watching him.

  6. i have said it before an I will say it again, abby finds out and they are all doomed.

  7. Wurm King: I agree with you 100%, dude. You don’t think Abby has superpowers? If she finds this out, she will verbally tear new holes into all three of them. For starters. If they’re lucky.

    BTW, how liberated is Zoe, really? It’s not like SHE can’t do the heavy lifting. Girls can be chivalrous, too.

  8. Of course he can fix world hunger. Heck, we can fix world hunger, and have been able to since the end of WW2. The state of Kansas and just 2 of its neighbors can grow enough food to feed every human being on the planet. And we have the technological infrastructure to deliver that food to every human on the planet. Therefore, we as a species could decide that no human should ever go without food. It is really that easy. But we will not. Because that would require removing the local authority, which would not approve of outsiders providing the food. And when we distribute food through multiple authorities, the food does not reach every person. The local authorities will use the food as it chooses. And most of the time that involves keeping all the food for themselves or selling the excess after feeding their own.

    Crusader, on the other hand, could use his powers to grow, look after, and distribute that food personally. It would be a large amount of his time and attention, but he could do it.

    Consider this: At super speeds and with his super senses, he could be make sure no human gets hurt from any accident or crash, ever. Zoom zoom, everyone saved. But he doesn’t.

    Consider this: He could use his super powers to find a very advanced race, visit their libraries, and bring back a great deal of scientific knowledge that could benefit all of humanity. For instance, steady electrical power is a huge advantage where it is available. But most of humanity does not have steady electrical power. Crusader could fly off, find some where that has had cold fusion for 1000 years or more (so it is common scientific knowledge), get a basic “how cold fusion works” scientific kit, fly home, and let someone with the brains to learn about it— like Darkblade— who can then start manufacturing small cold fusion power kits that could be given to people in places without reliable electrical infrastructure. This would have an immediate effect to lessening their plight, survival challenges, and suffering. Steady power means steady heat (no more need to burn animal dung for cooking or heating), steady light (which is where most societies tend to jump out of sustenance/maintenance and starts advancing into other concerns like equal rights for women or not having children labor every second they are awake), and the ability to provide easy access to water.

    That’s the problem in any super hero setting. The Supers have the ABILITY to make great strides in improving the human condition, but instead, they end up only helping a handful of people. So they aren’t really doing things for the greater good. they are doing things for their own amusement.

  9. Because that would require removing the local authority

    So, all we have to do is kill millions of people (because these “local authorities” have armies), then we can feed the rest. Yay!

    But who would be doing that feeding? Of yeah, our local authority… which is just as corrupt as any other.

    You’re hand-waving away the SINGLE LARGEST PROBLEM with in human history – who is in charge (and, relatedly, what they do with that power). More people have been killed over that than any other single thing.

  10. If only we’d listened to Buckminster Fuller…(might I suggest Paul adopt the Dymaxion car as the model for his four-wheeled Darkblade ride? The fault of the accident that aborted its mass production was determined to NOT be due to a design flaw)

    This may sound funny coming from a Canadian towards you Southerners (hee), but on Election Day, vote for the people who actually know what they’re doing, are actually doing it and also know what they’re talking about in terms of Ebola, Obamacare, & etc.

  11. P.S.: the ones who actually listen to the experts, who were called on in the first place precisely because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

  12. Erm, Deoxy, far from handwaving it away, looks to me more like Lurker is *talking about it*.

    Lurker: Yep, DC had this problem with Supes in WWII: Why *didn’t* he just fly over there and get very directly in Hitler’s way? ‘Cause WWII in the comics would have been over in one month; meanwhile the war in real life went on for a bit. So he traveled around the U.S. fighting profiteers and hyping War Bonds, the big wuss….

    And yep, I did the math for that one day too: Given the right sunlight and the right amount of rain, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma could feed — and house! *and* make room for public spaces/support services!– over 8 billion vegetarians. Move everybody there, make everybody responsible for their own gardens, and let the rest of the planet revert to a giant wilderness park. The three big limiters: (1) “Right rain” is a sine qua non, and tough to guarantee. (2) Everybody’s gotta give up beef and bacon. You can keep your own chickens and a couple of goats for milk; but otherwise it only works for 8 billion vegetarians. (3) Who the sam hill is going to want to move to Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma? ;-D

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