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  1. Wouldn’t he have just broken it.

  2. He’s too courteous for that BloodPlum

  3. If he didn’t have the time to recognize it was closed and stopped he wouldn’t be able to hold his momentum enough to not break the window, since he is a much tougher larger mass then it is.

  4. I was about to say, aren’t those windows made out of some sort of liberty league satellite substance, or from stuff made by Amazonia’s people? Buuuut, nope, they’re in her friend’s home. So yeah, I’ll go with he’s fast enough to stop himself from breaking through the window but not fast enough to avoid it entirely. (That, and because the Rule of Funny is super tough.)

  5. He may have swerved at the last moment to avoid window breakage and hit the side of the house. And presumably slowed down enough not to smash straight through that too.

  6. It’s a punch line, people. Roll with it.

  7. He wasn’t trying to fly through the window (he flies fast – remember?) He landed, and then couldn’t open it cuz Abby locked it. Cute.

  8. I think he slowed down then floated into the window. Like those birds in a windex commercial.

  9. Hasn’t anyone noticed the baby’s stopped crying? Tired out from her long sqwauk? (and I promise to never use a Monty Python reference in regards to a baby ever again…’less it’s funny)

    And since we weren’t privy to the sight gag…let’s just assume the window was shatterproof when it fell on Mark mid-entrance. And that Mark didn’t notice the automatic camera taking a picture of his butt’s…predicament.

    Wurm King: the funny of the Windex joke is that the birds (well, almost none of them) DON’T slow down…

  10. How quaintily passive-agressive – well, it does serve to keep him attentive to details. 😛

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