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  1. Why did Abby think he would have the baby in the crib by now?

  2. Hehehe your turn now mark

  3. Changing diapers of an asleep child? Abby, that’s some villain-level kind of deviousness.

  4. Abby as a potential supervillain? What’s scary is that she’d be really good at it…

    Too bad Mark didn’t bring “Uncle Paul” along to help out/ serve penance…but he’d be cheating with those gloves. Unless Mark substituted them with the cheap kind. 😉

  5. Shouldn’t the “I thought you’d have her in the crib” speech balloon be pointing to Mark?

  6. And with his super sense of smell, this should be interesting. Then again – with his superior senses he should have already known…

  7. Speech bubble in the second panel – I think it’s pointing at the wrong person. Shouldn’t Mark be the one thinking Abby would have the baby in the crib by now, as he was gone and she was there?

  8. I think you’re right, Deoxy.

    They say vengeance is best served cold. Apparently, it’s also squishy and stinky.

  9. Seems like Abby “forgot” to mention that little detail (ok, big, messy detail) until after she handed the baby over.

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