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  1. Okay. The Bunny Jammies are adorable. 🙂

  2. Dangit, I wanted to see *Mark* wearing bunnie jammies…’cause he totally seems like the kind of guy who would. Just ’cause. <3 (That, and he clearly needs no validation of his masculinity; he's already the Crusader, AND has a magnificent wife…who might think bunnie jammies on her manly man would be Super Cute. But meh, I'm merely dreaming.)

  3. Maybe Mark wears the bottoms and the wife just the top — and some fuzzy bunny slippers?

  4. Considering the sci-fi dork mark is established to be; he strikes me more as a Rocket ship Pajamas type

  5. I agree, T. Janssen411. That, or Tribble jammies.

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